How to Enable Google Toolbar in Firefox 8, 9, 10


Update (05/01/2012): This trick works for Firefox all versions, that is, Firefox 5, Firefox 6, Firefox 7, Firefox 8, Firefox 9 and Firefox 10. So, you can still make Google Toolbar compatible with all the Firefox versions released so far.

Firefox, the favorite browser for most of the people released the Firefox 8 few days ago. Since it is a major version upgrade, some of the Plugins, Addons and Extensions went incompatible. Google Toolbar for Firefox is one of them.

Being a Webmaster, Google Toolbar is one of my favorite extensions for Firefox, and I frequently use it for checking backlinks and indexed pages. However, since my Firefox automatically upgraded to version 8, the Google Toolbar vanished from its place.

I dug a little deep and found the solution to make the Google Toolbar compatible with Firefox 5 and newer (upto Firefox 9). It is now working perfectly like before and all the features are kept. Here is how I did it.

  1. First, check the current version of Google toolbar. Type about:addons at the Firefox address bar and hit enter. Select the Extensions tab from the left. Check the version number for Google Toolbar for Firefox. It should be Version 7.1.20110512W if you are using the latest version. If not, update it.
  2. Go to your Firefox Profiles at AppData >Roaming > Mozilla> Firefox > Profiles > Default Profile > Extensions and look for the directory where the Google Toolbar is installed. Mine is located at {3112ca9c-de6d-4884-a869-9855de68056c} directory.
  3. There should be a file called install.rdf in that folder. Open it in a text editor like Notepad or Notepad++ (free and open source).
  4. Now you need to change the maxversion to 10. Find this line

    around line number 17 and change it to


    Save the file and close the editor.

  5. Restart the Firefox and the Google Toolbar should be back and working with firefox 5 or firefox 6 or firefox 7 or firefox 8 or firefox 9 or Firefox 10.

Try it and let us know if that worked for you. Also, make sure your addons are set to upgrade automatically so that you get the officially compatible version when Google release the upgrade.


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